Abdominal Ab Trainer Six Pack Twister Core Crunch Machine Sit-Up Exercise with Resistance Straps & LCD Monitor

$114.00 (as of October 25, 2017, 8:25 pm) $79.99

Twister, Crunch, Sit Up Abdominal Exercise Machine with Resistance Bands
Rolling back Cushions Massaging the Back while Working out at the same time.
Adjustable Strength with 4 Strings, 2 Strings for intermediate workout and 4 Strings for Maximum Workout.

Product Description

Nice multi function Gadget Strengthens your center by means of rocking from side to side for more straightforward crunches, opposite crunches, and indirect workout routines
Tornado, Crunch, Take a seat Up Belly Exercise Gadget with Resistance Bands
Rolling Again Cushions Massaging the Again even as Understanding on the related time.
Adjustable Energy with 4 Strings, 2 Strings for intermediate Exercise and 4 Strings for Most Exercise.
Padded Swivel Seat that Twists and Turns, LCD Reveal counts Energy, Time, Depend…
Belly Chair designed to Exercise decrease Abs, Higher Abs and Obliques.