Astragalus Jade Screen Planetary Herbals 100 Tabs

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Product Description

Astragalus Jade Display by way of Planetary Herbals 100 Pill New Web page 1 Astragalus Jade Display Earlier Jade Display Helps Immune Defenses Planetary Formulation Astragalus Jade Display is a vintage Chinese language natural method (Yu Ping Feng Wan) which mixes Top rate-grade Astragalus membranaceus with the Chinese language tonics atractylodes and siler. This is without doubt one of the such a lot relied-upon Formulation in Chinese language herbalism to give a boost to immune resistance. The traditional texts say this training will ‘give protection to you from the chilly winds as though surrounded by way of a Display of jade.’ Brand new analysis has showed the usage of astragalus to give a boost to immune defenses and fortify macrophage task. Complement Info for 850 mg Serving Dimension 2 tabs Quantity DV Sodium 5 mg 2 Nutritional Fiber 1 g 4 Calcium 145 mg 15 Proprietary Mix 1.7 g Astragalus Root (Top rate Grade) Atractylodes Root and Siler Root. Different Foods dibasic calcium phosphate stearic acid changed cellulose gum acacia gum colloidal silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate