Eat the Bear Grizzly Micellar 1.6 Casein Protein Powder

$45.99 (as of October 26, 2017, 2:18 am)

Packed 24g of 100% Premium, Anti-Catabolic Micellar Casein, 160cal per serving
Slow digesting, extended release protein for maintaining and increasing lean muscle mass
Each serving provides over 10g of BCAA’s and Glutamine Precursors

Product Description

Grizzly Casein is a slow digesting protein filtered from milk that continues feeding the muscles after whey proteins had been absolutely digested. The slower absorption permits for more perfect web protein balances within the frame for maintaining increased amino ranges. ETB prides itself on bringing you the purest type of any supplement available on the market and Grizzly Casein isn’t any exception with a novel function of Sustained Amino Acid Unlock and Anti-Catabolic action. As a result of micellar casein’s inherently distinctive three-d amino acid composition and construction it aggregates within the low pH of the tummy. This distinctive function ends up in prolonged digestion, slowly through the years offering a gentle, continuous Unlock of amino acids into the blood stream. The prolonged Unlock successfully is helping scale back catabolism and offers muscles with sustainable pool of amino acids to scale back muscle breakdown. Steered Use: Upload 1 scoop of Grizzly Micellar Casein to 8 oz.. of chilly water, almond/coconut milk, juice or your favourite beverage. Modify the volume of liquid to satisfy your required style and consistency. Shake, stir or mix till dissolved. For optimal effects drink it before mattress to fuel muscle restoration. TO MAXIMISE YOUR RESULTS, believe supplementing this product with ETB Natural Isolate Whey Protein line, ETB BCAA’s and ETB Endure Essentials Multivitamins.
Packed 24g of one hundred% Premium, Anti-Catabolic Micellar Casein, 160cal per serving
Slow digesting, prolonged Unlock protein for keeping up and lengthening lean muscle mass
Each and every serving supplies over 10g of BCAA’s and Glutamine Precursors
Incorporates Enzymes for Optimal Absorption and Usage
Mixes In an instant and Tastes Nice

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