Maxi Health Organic Valerian Root with St. John’s Wort – Calming – Berry Flavor – 1 Ounce – Kosher

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PROMOTES relaxation and restful sleep.
PURE & POTENT : Combination of high quality herbs selected for effectiveness, formulated to promote relaxation during times of anxiety.
GREAT FOR Adults, Men, Women, Teens, Boys, Girls.

Product Description

Now you don’t have to choose whether to take St. John’s Wort or valerian root.

It’s alcohol free, organic, and it’s sweetened with Stevia.

St. John’s wort is a formidable natural treatment for temporary depression. It has develop into the sector’s hottest herbal supplement to assist banish the blues and keep watch over stress. It’s also regarded as effective for helping individuals who revel in seasonal affective disorder (sad), and studies also show imaginable efficacy within the management of tension and premenstrual syndrome. It’s also regarded as A gentle sedative and when used within the treatment of insomnia, St. John’s wort does now not if truth be told build up the overall sleeping time but might build up the time spent in deep sleep by helping to supply melatonin, a nap-regulating hormone.

St. John’s wort is thought to be just right for nerve pain and is occasionally used to toughen the long-term nerve damage because of out of control diabetes. It is going to relieve headaches that accompany hay fever, and is claimed to possess calming effects at the digestive system.

Valerian root has been used for hundreds of years to regard nervous system disorders, and it’s frequently used as a nap aid as well. Double blind studies have shown that valerian root can decrease the period of time it takes for folks with mild insomnia to go to sleep. Valerian root could also be helpful for anxiety disorders and counteract stress. It has a sedative effect that is helping to chill out the central nervous system and supply a feeling of calmness. Along with its use as a tranquilizer and sleep aid, many herbalists also recommend valerian root as a treatment for tension headaches and muscular pain on account of its ability to act as a muscle relaxant. In particular significant is the truth that valerian root does now not result in the sensation of grogginess related to the usage of prescription sleep aids. Further, the herb isn’t addictive.
PROMOTES relaxation and restful sleep.
PURE & POTENT : Combination of top quality herbs decided on for effectiveness, formulated to advertise relaxation all through times of tension.
GREAT FOR Adults, Men, Women, Teens, Boys, Girls.
VEGETARIAN, Gluten Free, No Artificial Flavors, Colorings or Preservatives. Kosher Certified
SAFE: Made in the us, Manufactured in a NSF & FDA registered and GMP Certified Facility : MaxiHealth Was once Established in 1974
Alcohol free, liquid extract, herbal combination
Promotes relaxation all through times of tension
A gentle sleep aid, a calmative and a stress buster