Wacces Premium Pull Up Bar Chin Push Sit Great 4 Workout Diet And 11 Pcs Resistance Bands Set For Yoga, Abs Gym Workout

$32.95 (as of October 25, 2017, 8:27 pm)

This Doorway pull UP bar Can be set to fit almost any door
our resistance bands are made out of Premium Top quality durable material
Foam padded grip to ensure a solid yet comfortable grip

Product Description

Package deal comprises 5 Resistance band and 1 Chin-up bar. Workout bands paintings the entire muscle, together with the stabilizers the place unfastened weights and machines cop out. Resistance coaching with bands and tubes has lengthy been the physiotherapist’s resolution to torn rotator cuffs, dangerous knees and basic rehabilitation. Resistance bands makes use of the similar pressure coaching concepts however takes them to every other stage through making use of them to a quick and efficient overall frame exercise. You do not wish to look forward to an damage.
This Doorway pull UP bar May also be set to suit virtually any door
our resistance bands are produced from Top rate High quality sturdy subject matter
Foam padded grip to make sure a superb but comfy grip