BodyCraft Jones Cable Crossover Attachment with Twin 200-Pound Weight Stacks Price: $2,460.00 $2,199.00 (as of 25/10/2017 19:17 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Optional Functional Training Cable Columns
The Cables can be adjusted to 18 different positions on the columns
Lifetime warranty

Product Description

The Purposeful Coaching Attachment is composed of 2 person, two hundred-pound weight stacks tied into Adjustable Cable Columns. This attachment permits for a HUGE array of Purposeful Coaching workout routines, sports activities particular workout routines, and middle Coaching workout routines. It additionally attire up the Gadget, making a a lot more interesting glance. This should be used with the BodyCraft Jones Smith Gadget (gentle industrial style), because it cannot be used independently.
Spice up the flexibility of your BodyCraft Jones energy rack with this Not obligatory cable crossover attachment. The accent, which mounts to the entrance of your Jones unit, features a pair of impartial two hundred-pound weight stacks, an ankle strap, and unmarried handles. As soon as you could have put in the accent, you’ll carry out such workout routines as chest flies, remoted bicep curls, and status hip extensions. Plus, you’ll regulate the cables to 18 other positions at the columns, starting up much more workout choices. The cable crossover attachment comes with an entire life guaranty.

Not obligatory Purposeful Coaching Cable Columns
The Cables will also be adjusted to 18 other positions at the columns
Lifetime guaranty
This attachment comes usual with impartial two hundred-pound weight stacks, ankle strap, and unmarried-handles